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[Peace] concentrate

[Peace] concentrate

$26.00 NZD

Imagine life with more peace. This [Peace] concentrate has a divine aroma that feels like a wave of equanimity and calm. [Peace] concentrate has physical and emotional anti-inflammatory properties and is designed to help us connect with the peace that exists in ourselves and others, regardless of how stressful some moments are. 

This premium 100% essential oil blend is made with New Zealand-grown lavender and frankincense essential oil. Due to the aromatic intensity of this oil, a little goes a long way, and we recommend using in diluted form only. e.g. a few drops added to a diffuser, bath, foot spa or plain oil. 

When not in use, please ensure the tamperproof lid is securely on and that the bottle is stored below 30C, away from children, pets and direct sunlight. 

Aromatic intensity:

Safety notes; Plant oils contain potential allergens. In this blend, linalool and limonene are present. Please do not use this product if you are sensitive to these naturally occurring components, lavender, or frankincense. If a reaction occurs, please discontinue use immediately. Call your nearest medical practitioner or allergy clinic if concerned. Apply plain oil (that you know you are not sensitive to) to the affected area, and sponge gently to absorb as much oil as possible away from the skin.

For external and diluted use only. This blend is concentrated and not recommended for babies, the eye area, or anyone with sensitive or broken skin. 


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