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Electric diffuser

Electric diffuser

Electric diffuser

$99.00 NZD

Our beautifully designed aromatherapy diffuser is a safe and effective way of "bringing the outdoors in" and creating aromatically pleasant spaces. Ideal for home, clinic, office, reception, exercise studio and some hospital rooms.

Simply pour water to the diffuser dish using the measuring cup provided, and add several drops of our new [concentrate] range. These 100% pure essential oils are designed to promote the feeling and atmosphere of their namesakes: Kindness, Courage, Joy and Peace. 

Enjoy many hours of safe and effective diffusion, with automatic switch off when the diffuser is empty. It is ideal for using during the day or overnight.

To set-up, please place your electric diffuser on a shelf, bench or desk where it won't be possible for it to get knocked over. Tape down power cord if in a workplace or healthcare situation. 

Available in black colour, with various lighting modes. 

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