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Spreading kindness

emBODYoil products have been created to enhance health and well-being, as well as serve as a reminder of the many qualities we have within - kindness, courage, joy and peace - and of how being mindful of these qualities can allow us to embody them more fully and to notice them more in ourselves and others.

The top priority of our ‘Spreading Kindness’ gifting programme, into hospital and healthcare communities around the world. Thanks to your support we are able to share the benefits of these products well beyond those who can afford them, helping promote well-being among staff, patients and families. 

Every purchase of emBODYoil product helps to ensure the development and sustainability of this gifting programme, so this range can become a long-term self-sustaining complement to health care practices.

The social impact of this gifting programme is difficult to measure precisely: however, our sincere hope is that every drop of kindness has a ripple effect of compassion across humanity and our shared experience of living. The total $ value of products gifted to designated healthcare communities is easier to measure imperically, and is available at the end of each financial year. We look forward to sharing this data with you.

Thank-you for your ongoing support and tangible help in spreading more peace, kindness, courage and joy and compassion generally, throughout this amazing world.