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The emBODYoil range features premium-quality face and body oils - the first certified-organic, creamy avocado-based products of their kind. These oils are nutrient dense - pressed from the flesh of organic avocado and naturally rich with essential fatty acids and vitamin e. With the addition of essential oils, these blends are designed to deeply nourish the skin and support us in living well with pain, stress, change and other life challenges. Please note that the aromatic intensity of our face and body oil blends vary from: subtle Kindness, to medium Peace and Joy, and high aromatic intensity Courage emBODYoil.

Due to the naturally creamy texture of our oil, a little goes a long way and many health practitioners and home-based customers report using up to 50% less oil than is usually required. Over time, the natural plant waxes within the oil will separate slightly, this is normal, and is remedied by a gentle shake of the bottle.

emBODYoil products have been created as a reminder of the many qualities we have within - kindness, courage, joy and peace - and of how being mindful of these qualities can allow us to embody them more fully and to notice them more in ourselves and others.

The products are a useful complement to well-being toolkits, whether for personal use, gifting, home, office or clinic. Our high volume clients include health practitioners working in rehabilitation clinics, sports teams, health spas, exercise and meditation studios, and other healthcare settings.

Every purchase contributes directly to our ‘Spreading Kindness’ gifting programme with hospitals and healthcare communities including staff, patients and families. Your support and enjoyment of emBODYoil products benefit these courageous people, who ensure the best possible care of others, 24/7.