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About Us

We are a small team - grateful for the support we receive when needed from 'student help', friends and family.

Our founder Gretel has had a lifelong passion for nature, plants and the holistic benefits they can provide. She spent much of her rural upbringing in the garden; planting and caring for trees and preparing them or parts of them for human, animal or insect nourishment.

As her curiosity in the health of plants, people and the planet grew, her formal study included gaining NZ registration as a nurse (BHSc), a diploma of aromatherapy, a post-graduate diploma in sports nutrition, post-graduate studies in health promotion, meditation and other health-related explorations. Her work experience includes nannying, nursing, cooking, sport and oncology massage, skincare product development, national and international sports team management, community gardening, organic farming and public health.

Gretel lives with complex health and mobility challenges and is currently participating in a clinical trial overseas. Mindfulness practice, 'Courage' emBODYoil and swimming are the mainstays of her personal pain-management toolkit.

The social enterprise at the heart of emBODYoil is 'Spreading Kindness'. This enterprise gifts product from emBODYoil's beautiful range as an expression of gratitude for the care and compassion that families, friends, volunteers and health professionals provide to loved ones and strangers all over the world..

Kind and compassionate approaches can help nurture our ability to live each moment to its fullest whilst living with the complexities of human life. Our goal is to encourage the spreading of kindness generally, and also specifically within the caring communities upon which we sometimes rely - in particular hospital and health care entities.